My Journey in 2011 – November


The trees are now bare. The only color on the countryside land scape are the green conifers. Yesterday the cornfield was cut and now that field lies bare. All these signs are a reminder that winter is approaching. The chipmunks have gone to their winter beds. Even with all these winter signs, and the snowfall we had the end of last month, we have spring like weather all this week!Daytime temperatures in the upper 50’s and nighttime temperatures in the 40’s. Not too bad. At least the hose can be used to care for the farm animals!


With it being deer season in our area, coming home from work at night is treacherous, to say the least. Normal country roads that are wide open and have a speed limit of 55 miles per hour need to be driven at 40. Deer just bound across the road blindly as they race across the empty corn fields that are on each side of the road. These graceful animals are so beautiful to see during the day, but scare me at night. This time of year they are abundant! Most times they are seen eating spilled corn that was recently harvested. This treat leads them to trouble with the roadways.