My Journey in 2012 – March


This has been one crazy week weather wise. We had our first critical snow storm of the winter. A bit late… first time this winter that the schools closed. It was on Wednesday into Thursday (today is Saturday). Then yesterday, the temperature was a pretty 47 degrees and the same for today. However the wind today was wild!

I have noticed this week that the geese are returning to the area. I hear and see them mostly in the morning. Yesterday I saw the first wild ducks of spring flying over head, too.


This past Wednesday, 3/7, I saw the first Chipmunks of Spring scurrying around the porch and up and down the porch stairs! So adorable. The next day, 3/8, the weather changed and we had snow flurries, and squalls.  By Friday morning, we had 3 inches of snow on the ground with continuous flurries and squalls into Saturday. BUT, I saw my first Robin of Spring at  12:30pm on Saturday 3/10. What a welcome sight. We also set our clocks a head early this morning. I felt it was a bit earlier than usual.


Wow, it seems that Spring has come relatively early to Central NY. This past weekend was to say the least, glorious! Temperatures in the 70s! I saw my first butterfly of the season on Saturday, 3/17. It was brown with a yellow boarder outlining its wings. I am currently trying to identify it.