My Journey in 2013 – May

May 29

The above pictures were taken on Wednesday, May 22. They are pictures of parent Robins and their hatchlings. These Robins decided to build a nest above my lamp outside my back door. Every time I opened the door to go out, the Robin would dart and fly away and screach at me from a tree branch until I left the area.

Their eggs hatched and we were able to see the little heads asking for food. It was fun to watch the parent Robins bring the hatchings their meals of live worms! Yesterday, as I was standing on the deck, one of the hatchlings flew out of the nest and hit me in the back! It then flew off of the deck onto the ground, and began hopping around the yard. All the while the parent Robins were screeching at me and at their little offspring to get up and fly. It didn’t, it just hopped around the yard.

Of course the mother instinct in me was worried that a cat or a crow would get it, went over to it and picked it up and put it back in the nest. I no sooner did that and it hit me in the back of the shoulder again. That little bird really didn’t want to stay in the nest for sure!

Well, the little bird just hopped down onto the ground again, and hopped all around the yard. All the while the parent Robins were watching. My daughter convinced me to mind my own business and let nature do the work as it is supposed to do. I sure hope the little guy made it.

There are several more hatchlings in the nest……let’s see what happens!