My Journey in 2011 – February


As I await the beginnings of Spring, and continue to watch it snow….I am following tracks each morning in the snow.

Rabbit tracks are abundant in my yard. As I go out to feed my farm animals in the morning, the resident rabbits scurry here and there. They love to occupy the area beneath my hay wagon during the early morning hours. The bits of hay that fell to the ground beneath the wagon makes good soft, warm bedding for them in the cold days. Then, in the evening, after the farm animals are put in the barn and the yard is clear, the rabbits come out and look for the particles of corn left in the snow. I watch them scurry about as they chase each other around the yard. They are the cutest things when they play.


Going out yesterday morning to feed the animals, I noticed before I opened the barn door, a lonely little Wooly Bear caterpillar rolled up in a ball on the ground. Poor little thing. I moved him to safer area before I let Isabel, our Alpine/Tennessee Fainting Goat out for the day. She would have stepped on him and smooshed him for sure.

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