April Activities

April can be a rainy month, with snow still falling from time to time in northern regions.

Rain Projects

Using colored chalk, cover a piece of paper with chalk powder, by rubbing the side of  the chalk on the paper. Use various colors to cover the paper. Put he paper out in the rain and watch how raindrops make patterns on the chalk.

Put a cup outside when it is raining. See how much rain it collects in an hour, a day or over several days. Record the rain fall in your Nature Journal.

After a heavy rain, go out and look at the leaves on bushes or small trees. See how the rain collects  on them. Draw pictures of the rain collection in your Nature Journal.

When it is raining, dress properly and go outside to see how rain travels along the streets, settles in lawns, collects on leaves or makes puddles in muddy yards. Listen to the sounds of rain What are the smell of rain? Record what you see and hear in your Nature Journal.