May Activity

Sketching Birds

May is a good time to observe and sketch all kinds of birds. Don’t worry about detail keep, your drawings simple. You will get better as you practice and learn more about how birds are shaped. Use a bird identification book to identify what birds you are observing. Jot down different characteristics about each bird you sketch.

A bird’s shape can be drawn by making a circle for the head and an oval for the body, with tail, wings, bill and legs added.

Make this a special part of your Nature Journal.

  1. Always carry your Nature Journal when observing birds.
  2. Write your details immediately. You may only remember specific details for a very short time and your memory may also start to add details that were never seen.

  3. Do any drawings and written notes before consulting with field guides. Drawing directly what you have seen.

  4. Describe only what you see. A mistake often made is listing characters other birds have that this bird lacks.

  5. Describe characteristics such as leg colors, bill colors and behavioral details like tail wagging and wing flicking.