My Journey in 2011 – June


The hot weather is upon us along with thunderstorms and hail. Hail is common with thunderstorms in the Western Catskill Mountains. After a warm day of 85 plus degrees yesterday, an 11:00 pm thunderstorm was very much welcomed.  It certainly cooled the house off. However, 87 degrees is predicted for today!
I found a patch of wild Columbine growing in a wooded area next to our garage. I have never seen them there before this season. Columbine is one of my favorite flowers. Looking up the flower on it is Van Hautte’s or Serpentine Columbine. But it states that it is located along the California coast! I don’t know….it is most definitely in my back yard in the Western Catskill Mountains.


This month has not been very active except for the fact that the season changed to summer. There is still a glimice of daylight at 9:15 pm. Very eary….but kind of cool. The weather has been nice with temperatures in the 80’s and night time temperatures cooling down into the 60’s and cooler. This morning at 5:30, as I looked out my front door, a young deer, although not a fawn but fairly young doe, was standing at the base of the steps of our new deck looking towards the house. She didn’t move until I called for my daughter to come see. As Micaelina moved toward the door I guess the deer saw movement and was then afraid. She slowly turned and walked across the street to disappear into the cornfield. How graceful she was as she walked away with her beautiful long legs and elegantly long neck.